The new Micro V-Mount is a ultra compact battery plate (nano sized) compatible with every V-Mount normal / compact sized battery.
Works on standard 15mm cinema style rods and can be adjusted in several different positions: horizontal (front or rear in step positions), or vertical (centered, left or right step positions), also great for different sizes of battery balancing.
The flexibility of the mounting possibilities offers the choice to integrate the Micro V-Mount in your camera set-up to reach the best ergonomics for shooting in total comfort.
The D-Tap output of the plate, together with the batteries other D-Taps or USB outputs lets you to power up your camera and several accessories like high end professional cameras.

CNC Machined from billet aluminum, Titanium Grade 5 and molded ABS.

Weight is 180gr/6,3oz. - Size 89 x 62 x 26mm / 3,5" x 2,4" x 1,2"
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