Anyone who's had experience with LockCircle products can see that a lot of care has been taken to make
a high-quality product with rugged performance durability and amazing manufacturing quality but as we know, everything has a cost.
What's our philosophy on protecting our most precious resource, Mother Earth and its people?
It’s simple: we believe we have a duty to be careful with our planet's finite natural resources, to protect the environment,
and to ensure that the workers involved in making our products aren’t subject to human rights abuses.

THE FIRST STEP: HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS For the environment, the very best thing we can do is make truly high quality gear. If we make awesome stuff that rarely breaks
(i.e. no built-in obsolescence here!) and will last for a lifetime, then that's the first, best step we can take, and we've taken it.

OPENNESS & TRANSPARENCY But what have we done when it comes to actually making our products?
While it's very difficult for any manufactured good not to have an adverse impact on the environment,
we are committed to constantly finding ways to reduce the impact that our products make.
We also strive for an honest dialogue with ourselves and our customers about what we make, where it is manufactured,
and under what conditions, so you can make an informed decision as a consumer about what you’re buying.

WHERE OUR PRODUCTS ARE MADE Almost all products we sell are made right here in Italy with third party partners in Switzerland, Germany,
Japan, and the United Kingdom. No massive or “low priced” Asian manufacturing.
Quality has a price! Our products are designed and manufactured to work for many years of wonderful still and motion pictures.
Although our margins are far below companies working in the globalized market we still trust in high quality and experienced production
by passionate workers offering personalized attention and precision in the manufacturing process.

WHAT WE’VE DONE TO PROTECT LABOR AND HUMAN RIGHTS We know all the truth about our production pipeline and refuse lower priced suppliers not offering a human rights warranty.

WHAT WE’VE ALREADY DONE TO REDUCE OUR ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT All the materials we use for manufacturing, painting, engraving, flocking, come from well recognized
suppliers offering all the environmental impact warranties.
We also use recycled paper and packing peanuts to achieve the highest environmental attention.


  1. Recycle or reuse your box, paperwork, and OEM (factory) equipment. If your OEM equipment
    is working consider selling or donating them on eBay or Craigslist.
  2. If they are no longer working, please recycle them. The best bet is a local electronics recycling facility
    or event in your area (a good time to toss in that old monitor, TV, and those 5 broken flashlights
    and calculators cluttering up your castle).
  3. Instead of throwing it away you can save it for a rainy day,
    or if you don't have space for storing leave it out in your complex or the street in front of your house.
    It's amazing how often things get taken and used when we just leave them in a visible place.
  4. Please share your ideas with us. We'd love to hear from you and will take your feedback to heart.
    Connect us with contacts that can help -- we are always open to the idea that there are people
    and companies out there that can help us be a better, greener company as we develop. Let us know!

OUR HOPES FOR THE FUTURE Across the world things are changing very rapidly, and though we are still a small company with limited resources and "clout"
we hope everyday to become more and more a part of "the solution."
Our children's (and our great-great grandchildren's) well-being depends on it.
We are working towards this goal professionally and personally, and hope you will join with us
to reach this higher, healthier place.