• New! Cinema Standard 95mm Mount
    for Zeiss Otus Series

    New! Hipock cage

    New! ZX Pro Cage

    New! X-OT

  • PrimeCircle Mat-Box Pro

    starts from $ 1,199,00

    € 1.079,00 + VAT

    New! Hipock cage


    Custom PL Mount Caps

  • “It’s the Port, Stupid!”
    Brilliant Atomos Shogun / Sony A7 s Combo
    Marred by LockPort A7 micro
    to full-size HDMI

    The Making of LockCircle, the original
    camera body cap for EF/F Mount.
    66 cnc machining steps, 8 chemical
    hardener treatments, 5 handmade steps.T

    The first matte-box featuring the innovative
    sliding base concept and exclusive
    “Radiation Pollution Killer” light control.

    Lake Como Italy, end of September 2014,
    a few minutes to midnight.
    PrimeCircle lenses "bokeh" lens test.