LockCircle was created by Brain Emo, a small Italian company with a passion for quality production tools!

The project started with the idea to design the most “over-engineered” and “priced”
camera (Canon EF) body cap: the LockCircle!

Dante Cecchin, co-founder was involved in the film industry as a director of photography
and commercial director with a “passion” for aesthetics and design. During
a TV-series shooting with multiple HDSLR cameras the “urgent need”
for a professional bayonet locking cap to protect the camera sensors from the elements
was the “strike” that lit the match!

The LockCircle camera body cap was immediately an online sales success selling
all over the world and a few months later the innovative LockPort followed.

But Dante’s main passion was building custom rigs and tools and modifying lenses from the early 80’s!
In only 3 years many projects were launched in the market and sold all over the world and many are in the R&D process.

From 2001, BrainEmo has been the distributor for Zeiss until 2012, Kino Flo, Matthews, Mole Richardson,
GAM, Tiffen, Century Precision, and later Redrock Micro for the Italian market.
However the globalized markets are changing the rules and the core-business has moved slowly
to the LockCircle project opening the company to a more “intriguing” international game.